‘Well played’: Viral video of man ‘rescuing snake’ from the field has netizens laughing out loud



Author 2019-10-15 14:38:58


No matter how scary snake videos are, netizens are hooked to it and can’t stop watching. And naturally, there is no dearth of brave rescue videos online. However, not everything is what they appear. Recently, a video of one such ‘heroic’ rescue went viral, where an elderly man was seen trying to pull out what seemed like a snake, but it all ended up being a bluff. Now, people online can’t stop laughing about it.

The man is seen trying to warn two young boys to stay away as if he was trying to catch a snake in the field covered with tall grasses. But moments later, when the man finally gets a grip of the ‘tail of the snake’, it is revealed that it’s not a slithering reptile but just a belt!

Yes, a leather belt which he then proudly wraps around his waist leaving everyone baffled. Naturally, a few were miffed but others were left in splits.

Although the video is doing rounds for a few days, it went viral getting over 3 million views after comedian Sean Kent shared it on Twitter saying, “Wait for it”. Many reacting to the video said they fell for the prank in the first few moments and couldn’t stop laughing, dubbing it as brilliant.


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