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The main role in the cricket world is that of batsmen and bowlers, but today there are many who perform amazingly with both bat and ball and they were named all rounders.

All rounders who play a lot of cricket in bowling and also play a good game in batting.

In Indian cricket, Kapil Dev is considered to be the top all-rounder, while in Pakistan cricket there have been many good all-rounders like Imran Khan and Wasim Akram.

So today we will tell you about 10 all rounders.

Garfield Sobers

The West Indies have been a great team in the history of cricket, having given genius cricketers like Kalicharan, Rohan Kanhai, Malcolm Marshall and Sir Garfield Sobers.

Sir Sobers has been an amazing all-rounder in his time, who has taken 109 catches with more than 8000 runs in batting, more than 225 Test wickets.

While on one hand Sir Gary Sobers has the highest individual score of 365 not out in Test cricket, on the other hand the best performance in an innings in bowling is to take more than 6 wickets.


Kallis, who played international cricket for South Africa, has been the mainstay of his team in the 1990s - 2000s.

During these two decades, he has performed brilliantly with bat and ball not only in Tests but also in ODIs.

Jack Kallis is the only cricketer in this list who has taken more than 24,000 runs and more than 500 wickets in both Test and ODI formats of cricket.

In Test cricket, Kallis has a record of 13289 runs, 293 wickets and 200 catches in fielding, which makes him a complete player of this format.

Richard hardley

Former New Zealand cricketer Richard Hardley has been a famous all-rounder of his time. Please tell that Hadley was also considered a specialist bowler for Test matches.

He has taken 431 wickets in 150 innings of 86 Test matches. During this time he took 10 wickets 9 times. Sir Hadley is at number three in terms of taking 10 wickets the most times.

Imran Khan

The name of former Pakistani cricketer and current Prime Minister Imran Khan is also included in this list. Great fast bowler Imran Khan who played cricket for Pakistan for a long time.

Imran Khan scored 3,807 runs in 88 Tests with the help of six centuries and 18 half-centuries and took 362 wickets.

Ian Botham

Botham started his cricketing career in 1976 and played the last match of his career in 1992.

During this time he was undeniably England's best all-rounder. In his 218 matches, Botham scored more than 7000 runs, while bowling took more than 500 wickets.

Shaun Pollock

Former South Africa cricket team fast bowler Shaun Pollock's name has also been included in this list as he has been a dangerous bowler besides a great batsman.

Pollock, who scored Tests at an average of 32 and ODIs at an average of 26. While speaking of wickets, it took 421 wickets in Tests and 393 wickets in ODIs.

Tony greg

Former England cricketer Tony Greig has also been a brilliant all rounder. He scored eight Test centuries throughout his career, while also getting an opportunity to bowl in many matches.

Keith Miller

Former Australian cricketer Keith Miller has been a popular all rounder. He took 170 wickets in Test cricket while also scoring 2958 in 87 innings which included 7 centuries and 13 half-century innings.

Andrew Flintoff

Former cricketer Andrew Flintoff who played cricket for England for a long time. When Yuvraj Singh hit six sixes off 6 balls, he was the captain of the team during that time.

Flintoff scored 2245 wickets in 279 Tests scoring 3845 runs at an average of 31. At the same time, in 141 ODIs, he took 169 wickets with 3394 runs.

His best performance in this was 5 wickets for 19 runs. Apart from this, he has 5 wickets in 7 T20 matches.

Kapil Dev

Kapil Dev, the first superstar of Indian cricket, comes to mind as many images of him emerge.

Kapil Dev picking up the World Cup in the Lord's balcony or Kapil punching the opposition teams with his out-swinging balls, or Kapil playing an unbeaten 175-run stand against Zimbabwe.

During this time, as an all-rounder in Test and ODI cricket, he continued to make success. More than 5000 runs and 400 wickets in Tests. More than 3000 runs and more than 250 wickets in ODIs.


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