10 Most Feared Fast Bowlers In Cricket History



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If all facets of the game of cricket were based on music genres, fast bowling would certainly qualify as heavy metal. The reason for this is simple; both have the calibre to blow your brain out.Although there have been hundreds of great fast bowlers who have represented different countries throughout the history of cricket, there are a few among them who have made fast bowling an instrument for instilling fear into the minds of batsmen.These men broke speed barriers in much the same manner as they broke bones and their acts made them appear like demons in human form to those who faced them.Let’s take a look at 10 of the most fearsome ones from among the lot: 

10 Mitchell Johnson (Australia)

imgJohnson turned out to be one of most fearsome pacers of the 21st century

imgAmbrose was the last among West Indian fast bowling greats
imgThe splattering of stumps was a common feature during the initial years of Akhtars career

imgYounis is considered the greatest exponent of the yorker
imgAllan Donald was easily the most fearsome fast bowler of the 1990s

imgThomson is known to be one of the fastest bowlers of all time
imgRoberts was most popular for his bouncers
imgMicheal Holding was as good as any other legendary West Indian fast bowler
imgSuch sights were common whenever Lillee bowled
imgLarwood was among the first bowlers to instill fear among batsmen

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