22 runs needed off 13 balls to win, you will be shocked to know what happened after that

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A team in cricket returned after a long exile. In the 1992 Cricket World Cup, she not only returned but came out as a contender for victory. The team from South Africa reached the semi-finals, beating Australia, West Indies, Pakistan, India and Zimbabwe. Alan Donald and Jonty Rhodes were seen by the world in the same cup, which later dominated the world.

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That semi-final was against England. Sydney ground and the day of 22 March 1992.

England batted first in the match. The match was reduced to 45 overs due to rain. Graeme Hick's 83-run knock off 90 balls put the game score to 252 for the loss of 6 wickets in 45 overs. At that time it was considered a winning total. The African batsmen played small but useful innings and brought the team back into the match.

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In reply, South Africa got off to chasing the target, giving opener Andrew Hudson 46 runs off 52 balls. After this Adrian Cooper scored 36, Hansie Cronje 24 and Jonty Rhodes scored 43 off 38 balls. Brian McMillan (21 *) and David Richardson (13) also added 26 * runs. Africa's score was 231 for 6 wickets in 42.5 overs. Brian and Richardson were on the wicket. The team needed 22 runs off 13 balls to win.

But in the meantime, it rained for 12 minutes. During that time a new theory was introduced for the first time. In which if the ODI match is stopped due to rain or other reasons, then the target and over in the match are reduced. At that time it was known as MPO i.e. Most Productive Overs, which was also very confusing.

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Yes, where Africa needed 22 runs off 13 balls before the match stopped, they were given the target of 22 runs off 1 ball when the match started back. The world was shocked to see this target on the scoreboard. The ICC was heavily condemned for this new rule. Everyone described it as a conspiracy to spoil the World Cup event. But the biggest hit was that team of South Africa who brought a new energy in that World Cup in 1992. England won this match by 19 runs. This match is still discussed around the world.

regret! Apart from the 1992 World Cup, South Africa has lost to winning three more times.

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1999 World Cup performance:

The 1999 World Cup was played in the joint hosts of England, Wales, Netherlands, Ireland and Scotland. South Africa's team also suffered bad luck in this World Cup. Australia were all out after scoring 213 runs in the semi-finals. Chasing the target, the African team was all out for 213 runs, once again missing the final due to the run rate in the tie match.

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Performance at the 2007 World Cup:

The 2007 Cricket World Cup was played in the West Indies. In this World Cup, 16 teams participated in the maximum compared to the previous World Cup.

South Africa faced Australia in the semi-finals, but in this crucial match, the African team, adorned with legendary stars, were all out for just 149 runs in 43.5 overs. South Africa's team also lost in this semi-final match by 7 wickets.

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2015 World Cup performance:

The 2015 Cricket World Cup was played under the joint hosting of Australia and New Zealand. 14 teams participated in this World Cup. The South African team finished second in Group B.

Playing against New Zealand in the semi-finals, South Africa scored 281 runs in 43 overs in the rain-affected game. The New Zealand team won the match by 4 wickets, achieving this target in 42.5 overs. South Africa's team was once again lost in this semi-final match despite a brilliant start in the World Cup.


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