3 Cricketers and their memorable signature shots



Author 2019-10-31 12:51:30

1. Sachin Tendulkar- Straight Drive

One can watch Sachin’s straight drive for a hundred times and still not get bored and keep asking for more. That was the beauty of the master’s incompatible stature. The quality of the bowler and the nature of the pitch didn’t really matter when the ‘Little Master’ was on song.

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In fact, one classic example of Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar being in full flow was when he played the straight drive to perfection. In a fraction of second, the ball would be seen running towards the fence. Even his paddle swipe, upper-cut, cover drives were sublime but the straight drive was special and it’s a shot that has almost become a trademark shot by which fans and cricket experts remember him by.

No one can play the straight drive, as well as Sachin, could. The pure talent that he possessed, he didn’t have to really re-invent himself and try to create a new shot to destroy oppositions- his straight drive was good enough to get the job done.

2. Mahendra Singh Dhoni- Helicopter Shot

Not just here in India but globally as well, MS Dhoni’s ‘Helicopter Shot’ won over many fans due to its unique style of hitting the ball. One of the primary reasons for MS Dhoni’s mind-boggling popularity wherever he goes to play is his ability to pull out this unique shot that was titled ”helicopter shot” from seemingly unplayable deliveries or extremely well-directed yorkers.

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It’s his ability to cover the swing and pace of the ball and convert that into a full-blown slog over deep square leg. Especially the bowlers at the death feared MSD a lot since the former knew that the then-Indian skipper would launch them out of the park. He has developed this unique way of digging out the yorkers and sending the balls souring out of the ropes.

In times when the scoring rate is daunting and the pressure to up the scoring rate would be on him, MSD has manufactured this shot of his that has opposition bowlers searching for answers. In the last few overs of a tense T20 or ODI, this has helped MS Dhoni win many games for his country and IPL franchise Chennai Super Kings (CSK).

3. AB de Villiers- Lap Shot

If there has been one player in recent memory who can take your breath away and make you question his exceptionally gifted talent, it has to be South Africa’s AB de Villiers. The emergence and popularity of the Indian Premier League( IPL) has meant that he is etched in the minds of fans forever.

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He has invented and re-invented many shots but definitely the ‘Lap Shot‘ that he plays and executes with ridiculous ease against the fast bowlers can be regarded as his signature shot. AB de Villiers has rightly been called the 360-degree player. He has the ability to hit at least 5-6 shots for every delivery.

A blend of orthodox shots and unorthodox shots- this is how you define this man. Playing cricket is tough but hitting a 145+ kmph delivery for a lap shot is not a child’s play, and only ABD can do that- Dale Steyn was at the receiving end of that jaw-breaking shot. Not many possess the wide array of shots that ABD has, it’s our luck that we could witness him showing his talent. Sadly, bowlers won’t be singing the same tune as many of them would be still traumatized thanks to the batsmen’s exploits.


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