3 Records In Cricket That Seems Impossible To Be Broken

Viral Newzz

Viral Newzz

Author 2019-10-24 02:10:38

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Cricket is among the foremost competitive team sports that are being played compete round the world. We've got witnessed some legends and genius gracing the cricket with their lovely skills.

While giving us the delight of looking their game, these players have aboard created some records that we believe nobody can ever be able to break.

So allow us to have a glance at 3 of these records that is going to be there to remain in cricket forever:

1) SRT’s record of 200 test matches

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Sachin Tendulkar, the most effective hitter within the world, started his career from a awfully young age. In his twenty four year long career he played as several as two hundred matches.

Seeing the dominance of the opposite formats in cricket, it's extremely unlikely that the other player are ready to play such a huge numbers of matches.

2) 3 consecutive World Cup win by Australia

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With numerous cricket teams rising round the globe, cricket is changing into a worldwide sport. Each team within the world has such a lot talent; they have their own strengths, weaknesses and talents.

With such circumstances it's extremely unlikely that any team can dominate like Australia did and can win three consecutive tourney finals.

3) 800 test wickets for Muttiah Muralidharan

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Muralidharan, a Sri Lankan legend and one in all the world’s best spinners took 800 wickets in test cricket.

For any bowler to break such accomplishment he needs to keep work over an extended amount of time and considering the fashionable day game’s demand the record isn't seems likely to be broken.

Between these 3, which record do you think can be broken in coming years & by whom? Tell us in the below comment section.


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