3 rules of ICC which mocked around the world, no.1 rule led to ICC troll many times.



Author 2019-09-26 12:49:33

According to the ICC rules governing cricket, cricket matches are played but 3 rules of ICC which are becoming very funny around the world. So let's know about those three rules-

Number 3. Declaring victory on the basis of boundary:

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As you know, on the basis of the boundary of the final match of the World Cup, England was declared the winner. But people around the world are making fun of this rule.

Number 2. Do not give out when the bails do not fall from the stumps:

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Due to the light in the stump, the bells have been made a lot of weight. Due to which the ball hits the stump many times but the umpire does not give out due to no bails falling. While the light of the stump burns, people all over the world are making fun of this rule.

Number 1. Using DRS in LBW:

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When a batsman hits the ball on the pads. So in that case the team captain uses DRS. So that it can be known whether the batsman is out or not! The matter caught up when Virat Kohli was given LBW out in the semi-finals which was an umpire's call. But on the same ball in the second semi-final, Steve Smith was called out by the umpire. For which the cricket fan trolled ICC a lot.

According to you friends, was the wicket of Virat Kohli made on the turning in the semi-finals or not? .. So you can give your opinion in our comment box and keep following us more and more thanks


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