5 batsmen with the most sixes in Test cricket, NO.1 Pride of Indian team.



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As you know cricket game is a game of uncertainties. Here every batsman and bowler is recognized as his performance. But we are talking about 5 such batsmen in Test cricket who have made the record for most sixes. While it includes 1 Indian batsman, let us know about these batsmen.

Number 5 - Brandon McCullum

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New Zealand team's greatest batsman, Brandon McCullum, has scored 6453 in 176 innings of 101 Tests. During this, he has hit 107 sixes with 776 fours.

Number 4 - Gilchrist

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Former Australia team veteran wicketkeeper and batsman Gilchrist, who has scored 5570 runs in 137 innings of 96 Tests. During this time, he has hit 100 sixes with 675 fours.

Number 3 - Chris Gayle

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Batting batsman Chris Gayle, who has been named as the most dangerous Sixer King of the West Indies team, has scored 7214 runs in 182 innings of 103 Tests. During this time he has also hit 98 sixes with 1046 fours.

Number 2 - Jack Kallis

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The most dangerous batsman in the South Africa team, Jack Kallish, who has scored 13289 runs in 280 innings of 166 Tests. During this time he has also hit 97 sixes with 1485 outposts.

Number 1 - Virender Sehwag

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 Former Indian opener Virender Sehwag has scored 8586 runs in 180 innings of 104 Tests. During this period, Virender Sehwag has hit 91 sixes with 1232 fours.

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