5 Cricketers with highest dismissals during nervous 90s in Test cricket



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imgThe 90s don't always lead to the century


Cricket is a sport that is to be played with a high level of concentration. Batting for longer duration can take a toll on the body and mind of the players causing them to lose their concentration. While nervous 90s might sound like a myth, there are some players who become uncomfortable once they enter the 90s and are closer towards the century.

It can be attributed either to the mental pressure or physical strain that the player suffers after batting for so long to get into the 90s. Here, we look at the top five cricketers who got dismissed in the 90s on the highest number of occasions.

5 Steve Waugh

imgSteve Waugh

Steve Waugh has played 168 matches for the Australian side. He is one of the most successful captains of Australia. With 10927 runs averaging at 51.06, Steve Waugh has scored 32 centuries in Test cricket.

A player with such vast experience would not have trouble reaching 100 after entering the 90s, one would expect but it is clearly not the case.

Steve Waugh ended his innings in the 90s on 10 occasions. He got dismissed on eight of those and remained not out on 2 occasions. Waugh, who batted in the lower-middle order along with the tailenders had to play either very defensively or sometimes go for very quick runs and had to take the risk.

4 AB de Villiers

imgAB de Villiers in action

AB de Villiers recently announced his retirement from all forms of International cricket. He is arguably one of the greatest cricketers to ever play this sport. He was known for his wide range of shots which helped him destroy the bowlers on any surface.

De Villiers who has appeared in 114 test matches for South Africa has scored 8675 runs at an average of 50.66. He has scored 22 centuries and 46 half-centuries.

As a player who always scored runs at will, AB de Villiers should be the last batsman to have nervous 90s syndrome but the stats s show that he did suffer from it. AB de Villiers was dismissed in the 90s on eight occasions

3 Rahul Dravid

imgRahul Dravid of India

Rahul Dravid is known as 'The Wall' of Test cricket. He was known for spending long duration at the crease. He holds the record for the highest number of balls faced and the highest number of minutes spent at the crease in test cricket.

He has scored 13288 runs in test cricket at an average of 52.31 with 36 centuries. He has five double-centuries under his belt.

Rahul always played with a defensive mindset and became even more defensive when he reached the 90s. He fell in the 90s on nine occasions and remained unbeaten on one.

2 Michael Slater

imgMichael Slater in action against England

Michael Slater played in 74 test matches for Australia. He scored 5312 runs at an average of 42.84. He scored 14 centuries and had to miss out on a lot of other occasions because of the nervous 90s syndrome.

Slater was known for his attacking style who always lived and died by the sword. He always provided starts that helped the ones that followed next capitalize. He never cared about personal achievements and always attacked the bowlers irrespective of the situation.

On his day, he was known for winning matches single-handedly, destroying bowlers and smashing them all around the park. Because of his aggressive mindset, Slater got out on nine occasions in the 90s in test

1 Sachin Tendulkar

imgSachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar is widely acclaimed as the greatest cricketer of all time by pundits and fans all around the world. He is the highest run-getter in both ODIs and Test cricket.

In test cricket, he has scored 15921 runs at an average of 53.79. He is the only cricketer to have appeared in 200 test matches. He has scored 51 centuries which is a world record.

Sachin got out on a very high number of occasions in the 90s in ODIs and tests. He got dismissed in the 90s on ten occasions in test cricket. A player like Sachin Tendulkar who has scored 100 centuries in international cricket should be the last one to get nervous when scoring a century but well, that is what the stats suggest.




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