5 Dark secrets of Indian cricket you all should know



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1) A friendship not made in heaven

When India won the 2011 World Cup the two players who led the team in the final moments of their glory are Yuvraj Singh and MS Dhoni. Especially nobody can forget the joyful hug between the two of them after the winning hit. Such has been their friendship that both of them never fail to praise each other on any stage.

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However, the friendship didn’t start on a good note as Yuvraj was not on good terms with Dhoni in the early days of his career. The Punjab cricketer used to taunt Dhoni on the basis of his ethnicity. He used to call him a Bihari and downplay his achievements after his each match-winning performances for the country.

At first, the former Indan skipper ignored the comments but it continued for a long time. That’s when he retorted and asked Yuvraj the real reason behind his annoying actions. Hearing this the southpaw understood his mistake and started laughing. Since then they became close friends and together they have led the team to various memorable victories.

2) Dignity saved by the Master

Everybody must be knowing the heated incident involving Virender Sehwag and John Wright where the latter almost got into a physical tiff with the former. The reason being Sehwag’s carefree batting style which annoyed the head coach. As a result, the New Zealander created a hullaballoo in the dressing room but very few people know that it was Tendulkar who resolved the issue.

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After a disturbing incident in the dressing-room, Wright realized his mistake. Even skipper Sourav Ganguly approached him and wanted him to apologize to the Delhi cricketer for his reckless behavior. Slowly things started to escalate out of hands by the minute but that’s when Sachin stepped in and played an important cameo.

The Little Master talked to John where he came to know that he didn’t do it on purpose and just wanted Sehwag to realize his mistakes. Understanding the gravity of the situation Sachin requested the coach not to apologize as it will degrade the value of his position in the team. Instead, he went to Sehwag and asked him to consider it as an incident where his father scolded his child for his goof-ups. On that day Tendulkar showed his heroics off the field.

3) Losing it all together

When India toured the Caribbean land in 2013 the team had their share of ups and downs. Among them, the worst one has to be the on-field spat between Ravindra Jadeja and Suresh Raina. It all started during the Blue team’s encounter against the hosts when the UP cricketer dropped a couple of catches off Jadeja’s bowling.

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Immediately the left-arm spinner showed his displeasure by muttering some words. Hearing this Raina got enraged and the next thing that happened didn’t please the Indian fans. Both the players began a verbal duel and their fellow teammates had to separate them. At the time there were also reports that the spat continued in the dressing room.

Still, many people have not been able to figure out the exact details of the entire saga but according to a tabloid, Jadeja provoked Suresh by making inappropriate statements. Jaddu questioned Raina’s intensity in the field. He pointed out that his demotion from the captaincy role has played a huge part in his poor fielding. Even after playing together for a long time Ravindra didn’t show enough respect for Raina and cussed a senior member of the side which is not acceptable.

4) The selfish act of a selfless cricketer?

Rahul Dravid is a cricketer who defined the true meaning of gentlemen’s game. Not only with his batting but also with his decision-making skills he has helped the Indian team achieve great heights. However, the only black spot in his professional career has to be the controversial Multan declaration.

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The right-hander decided to call off the innings at the most inopportune time and left Sachin Tendulkar stranded on the score of 194. As expected the Mumbaikar was surprised by his captain’s choice. At first, he reacted furiously to the other members of the dressing room including Dravid. Even in his autobiography, he has expressed the incident as an unfortunate one. Still, Sachin has always come up with positive replies to the questions related to the matter and has repeatedly termed Dravid as his good friend.

As far as Rahul is concerned it is one of the most baffling decisions taken by him as the coach and the senior members didn’t agree with him. Some die-hard Sachin fans believe that Rahul purposefully denied Tendulkar’s double century. The reason being the equal number of 200s in their Test career at the time. So if the Little Master could have completed the innings he would have surpassed his teammate. Who knows the Wall might have strained on his personal record for one split second?

5) Bullying the newcomers

The title might remind you of your college days but such incidents also happen in the Indian cricket team. There have been times when the senior players bully the juniors by putting them in uncomfortable situations. Though it might sound funny sometimes the players can get terrified by such activities. Especially the two episodes which can never be forgotten involve Virat Kohli and Yuvraj Singh as the victims.

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In the first one, the Delhi cricketer is intimidated by Yuvraj Singh and Munaf Patel on his first day in the Indian dressing room. They convince Kohli to touch the feet of Sachin Tendulkar, a ritual to enjoy a longer stint in the team. A nervous and teary-eyed Virat bows down before the Master. At that time Sachin told him that he is being fooled by the pranksters of the team.

In the other episode, it is Yuvraj Singh who gets tricked by his skipper, Sourav Ganguly. In his early days, Yuvi was asked to open the innings by Dada. As an obedient student, the Punjab cricketer followed his instructions and started prepping for his new challenge. Seeing him tensed on the match-day, Ganguly finally revealed that he tried to take the mickey out of him.


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