5 Dark secrets of Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma



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From being linked to celebrities to emotional outbursts, they have gotten tangled into quite a few controversies.

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There’s absolutely no doubt in the fact that Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli are the stalwarts of Team India. Even as Virat has been ruling all the three formats for quite some time, Rohit has started to find his feet in Test cricket with the jaw-dropping series versus South Africa.

Making runs have become neat and drink for the duo and opponents have haplessly tried to stop their belligerence. Though both are in to their 30s, they are speculated to have quite a bit of cricket left in them, keeping in mind their form and fitness.

Parking aside their cricketing achievements, there are sides of Rohit and Virat, which are dark. From being linked to a number of celebrities to emotional outbursts, there have been occasions that led to some controversial moments in their cricket career.

In the article, let’s take a look at five dark secrets of Virat and Rohit

Virat Kohli’s relation with Brazilian model and Tamanna

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Prior to his marriage with Anushka Sharma, Virat was in relationships with a few from the acting industry. It was in 2012 when Kohli and Bollywood actress Tamanna Bhatia’s affair was hogging the headlines. The duo worked in an ad film and reports even claimed that they separated after making a date.

Tamanna later said that she had neither met Virat after the shoot nor had a conversation. Kohli was also linked with Brazilian model and actor Izabelle Leite. It was learned that the two met at a party and soon bonded well after which they started dating.

Virat and Izabelle’s relation lasted two years. Kohli even wrote ‘Te Amo’ to her which means ‘I Love you’. It was in fact, Izabelle, who confessed about her relation with Virat. Leite has acted in two Indian films- Sixteen and Purani Jeans.

Rohit Sharma’s relation with Sofia Hayat

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Rohit Sharma got married to Ritika Sajdeh in December 15. But before his wedding, he had his fair share of relationships, pretty much like Virat. In October 2012, Sofia Hayat of Bigg Boss 7 fame, dropped a tweet where she revealed that she dated Rohit earlier.

The now 34-year-old model and actress said that they met in a club in London where Rohit kissed her and then danced with her. Sofia was impressed by Rohit’s sensitivity to the reaction of the fans, directed both at her and the cricketer.

As per Hayat, their relationship ended when the Team India opener stated to the media that there wasn’t anything between them. She was hurt by the fact that Rohit introduced her to the media as a fan. Later, Sofia ended their association by blocking the Mumbai batter on Twitter.

Virat Kohli using fake name for marriage

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Virat Kohli entered the wedlock with Anushka Sharma on December 2017. It was a destination wedding in Italy and following a honeymoon in Finland, the couple threw reception parties in Mumbai and New Delhi. A number of celebrities from various fields graced their presence there.

Ever since, the duo has been extremely appreciative of each other and has given couple goals. Anushka later said that they wanted it to be a family-affair and only 42 people were present during the occasion. She didn’t wish for the event to be a big celebrity wedding, and rather wanted it to revolve around her and Virat’s marriage.

In order to keep the wedding a secret, they took to using fake names at the time of interacting with the caterers. “I think Virat’s was Rahul,” Anushka said during an interview.

Virat Kohli hits out at a journalist during a net-session

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Virat Kohli isn’t someone, who keeps his emotions to himself and rather prefers to speak his heart out. During the 2015 World Cup, he entered into an altercation with a journalist. It was after a training session before India’s group league match against the West Indies at the WACA in Perth.

The Delhi-born Virat lost his cool and hurled abuses at a journalist, using the filthiest of languages. At the time of returning from the net-session, he saw an article that had appeared about him and his then-girlfriend Anushka. Kohli thought that it was that particular journo, who wrote it, and then vented his frustration.

When he was told that it was some other journalist, Virat went and apologized right away. Later, Team Director Ravi Shastri, who’s now Team India’s head coach, personally spoke to Virat and asked him to keep calm.

Rohit Sharma hurls abuses at an on-looker

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Rohit Sharma is a calm and collected customer on the field, a quality that has helped him rack up the massive scores on a consistent basis. However, one needs to understand that he’s human and can lose his composure at times. Being a cricketer, criticisms are pretty common.

There was one instance, where the right-handed Mumbai batsman slammed an on-looker left, right and centre. Rohit lashed out at the person, who was continuously saying harsh things about Indian cricketers, during a net session. He was batting in the nets and turned around to teach the man a lesson.

It wasn’t a pretty sight by any stretch of the imagination. Later that person apologized after getting slammed by Rohit. Even a few other Indian players joined in and bashed the person for his severe behaviour.


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