5 Occasions When Cricket Matches Were Called Off Due To Violence



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Perhaps one of the worst reasons for play to get disrupted during a cricket match is crowd violence. There has been a number of times when there was trouble on the cricket field due to a riot initiated by the crowd.While such incidents generally tend to happen when the home side is in a losing position, there have been cases where issues with the ground authorities or infighting among the crowd triggered a riot. Whatever the cause, these incidents left an indelible mark on the history of cricket.Let’s look back at some infamous instances of crowd violence which forced a match to be either abandoned or halted for a long time.

5. Australia vs West Indies, Kingston, 1978

imgVanburn Holder was the ninth man out for the Windies.
imgFans invade the pitch during the 2001 NatWest Series
imgPolicemen take a measure of the situation post India’s 1996 World Cup semi-final
imgThe stadium at Karachi is engulfed by the crowd during the Test

imgScenes from the infamous riot that broke at the Eden Gardens

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