5 times Anushka Sharma was trolled by Virat Kohli fans

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Author 2019-10-02 16:39:51

Right now the Indian skipper, Virat Kohli is considered the brand ambassador of the gentlemen’s game. He has already achieved some memorable feats in his professional career which makes him one of the best to have played the game. He is deemed the perfect role-model for the upcoming generation of cricketers. All in all, he has become a modern-day great and his record speaks for himself.

Along with his professional exploits, his personal life has also hogged the limelight after his marriage with Bollywood actress, Anushka Sharma. The pair is considered one of the elite couples and is fondly called “Virushka”. As usual with all the fame there comes the dark side which will not be enjoyed by any star. The situation is quite similar for Sharma as she has been trolled for some petty reasons because of being the wife of the most followed Indian cricketer.

Here are 5 times when Anushka Sharma was trolled by Virat Kohli fans

1) Asking for the signal of four

Whenever the Indian team has toured England they have got the required support from the stands. Especially if it is a white-ball tie then it becomes a virtual home game for the Men in Blue. A similar situation played out at Headingley when India took on Sri Lanka in the 2019 World Cup. The team dominated the proceedings and the fans were enjoying the run-chase carried out by Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma. Among all the viewers the better-half of Kohli made her presence felt by cheering every boundary.

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It is that moment when the cameras spotted the Bollywood actress clearing her doubts regarding the game. She asked one of her fellow spectators to re-enact the signal for a boundary. Then after making the gesture both of them shared a laugh but they didn’t know that it will become a laughing material for the Twitterati.

Within hours people started questioning her actions and also slammed her for being the wife of the Indian skipper. May she forgot the things in her busy life but people always remember to roast her.

2) Attending the DDCA’s ceremony

In India, politicians and cricketers are treated as demi-gods. To prove the point the naming of Feroz Shah Kotla as Arun Jaitely stadium and dedicating one its stands to Virat Kohli is enough. It is one of the rare occasions when an active cricketer got his name inscribed in a stadium.

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So when the Indian skipper recently visited his home town for appreciating the efforts of Delhi cricket a host of people attended the ceremony. Many of the prestigious leaders of the Indian government were expected to take part in such a high-profile event.

It also included some of his teammates and head coach of the national team, Ravi Shastri. To everybody’s surprise, Mrs. Kohli also tagged along with her husband as Virat has stated in the past that the couple likes to share their success. Unfortunately, it didn’t go down well with the fans of Kohli and the Indian team.

Immediately the social media started mocking Anushka Sharma for accompanying him. Some of the people called her the captain of the national team. They also added that a stand should be named for her contributions to the game. The troll army should understand that she has every right to attend the event as a family member.

3) Three Legends in a photo

Earlier in the year, the Indian team created history by winning a Test and ODI series in Australia. At the time the person who led the side from the front was none other than Virat Kohli. In such a tough tour the players need to switch off after their high voltage on-field action and that’s when a cricketer’s family comes into the picture. Anushka Sharma did the same as she partnered her husband to make things easier for him. In between the games, the duo enjoyed a couple of tennis encounters of the 2019 Australian Open.

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In one of their visits, they met the tennis great, Roger Federer and clicked a picture with him. The photo was shared on the Twitter account of Australian open with a caption “Three Legends, one photo”. Once again the trolls raised their ugly heads and came up with witty responses.

Some of them cropped the picture of Anushka and posted it again by saying that there are only two legends in the photo. While others criticized the authorities for giving her so much respect. Most people forget that currently, she is one of the leading actresses of the Indian cinema.

4) RCB’s poor show in 2018

Without a doubt, it can be said that the RCB franchise has a large fanbase. They are very passionate about their team and have cheered for them irrespective of their standings in the points table. It was evident from their 2018 campaign where the team won only 2 games at the halfway mark but the supporters rooted with the same vigor.

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Sadly it didn’t help as their poor show continued. Then came the sad part as some of the fans got so much agitated that they started targetting Anushka Sharma for RCB’s poor performances. According to them, the Bangalore team lost every tie when the Bollywood diva made an appearance in the stands.

The hype reached to such an extent that the fans requested Sharma to miss the remaining fixtures. Then the troll army took over and roasted her mercilessly. A section of people asked Kohli to part ways with her by commenting that her presence in the stadium brings bad luck to the team. Sometimes even the best of the admirers cross the line and this incident is its prime example.

5) 2018 Cape Town Test match

In recent times the Indian team has been the most followed cricket team in the cricketing community. Particularly if they are set to play a series on the foreign soil then the audience wait for that elusive overseas wins. It was no different when Virat Kohli’s men traveled to the Rainbow nation for their South African safari. They began their trip with a 3-match Test series with the first one being played at Cape Town. As usual, the team suffered a batting collapse and even the skipper registered a score of 5 in the first innings.

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Coincidentally it was the first game after Kohli tied the knot with Anushka Sharma. She was seen in the stands cheering for the Indian team and the fans didn’t miss an opportunity to take a dig at her. The social media posts terming her the unlucky charm of Indian cricket started doing rounds.

It reached a point where his early dismissal brought the private topic like a honeymoon into a serious discussion. Some of the comments contained a high level of obscenity. Though the couple might not have read them such things can mentally disturb an individual.


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