5 Times when MS Dhoni lost his cool at his teammates

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Author 2019-09-18 10:09:27

MS Dhoni has built his reputation as one of the calmest cricketers to have played the game. Whatever the situation maybe, he finds a way to remain ice-cool. He has shown that on multiple occasions. Even when he was captain, he was vocal but he mostly remained cool.

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However, there have also been instances when the ice-cool MS Dhoni couldn’t stand certain things. As a result, he lost his cool on his teammates. While his stump-mic quotes are known to all, there are times, he’s been heard scolding, abusing or giving some stern advice to his players.

Thus, here are five such instances when MS Dhoni lost his cool at his teammates

1. Manish Pandey – Centurion (2018)

In the second game of the three-match T20I series in South Africa in 2018, MS Dhoni and Manish Pandey strung an excellent partnership to help India recover from 90/4. Both batsmen struck the ball well and took the attack to the South African bowlers.

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However, in the final over of the innings, Dhoni suddenly lost his cool and gave Pandey a mouthful. On the first ball of the 20th over, Pandey couldn’t get hold of the slog and mistimed it to the leg-side for a single. However, he was apparently ball watching which irked the former Indian skipper.

While on strike before facing the second delivery, Dhoni yelled at the Karnataka lad from the striker’s end. He wanted Pandey to concentrate on the running between the wickets and keep focus. Dhoni was pretty upset and didn’t hide his emotions at that moment.

2. Khaleel Ahmed – Adelaide (2019)

MS Dhoni had a wonderful ODI series down under earlier this year. He was the backbone of India’s 2-1 series win over the Aussies. The former Indian skipper scored a half-century in every game and took India home in a couple of tense run-chases in the last two ODIs.

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In the second ODI, Dhoni started well but seemed to be exhausted and suffered from cramps later in his innings. With 16 runs to get from two overs, Dhoni was down and needed some treatment between the overs. The heat was taking a toll on the body.

Khaleel Ahmed ran in with Yuzvendra Chahal to give drinks. However, the former walked straight down the pitch and Dhoni was quick to notice that. The Ranchi-born veteran abused Khaleel for his mistake. He was pretty angry with the left-arm seamer and asked him to walk around the pitch.

3. Kuldeep Yadav – Asia Cup (2018)

There have been a couple of instances when MS Dhoni has lost his cool on Kuldeep Yadav. In late 2017, Kuldeep Yadav once tried declining MS Dhoni’s advice and got a mouthful from the former skipper who angrily said, “Am I mad? I have played 300 ODIs.” Kuldeep got a wicket soon after that and Dhoni calmly explained to the youngster on what he wanted him to execute.

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However, there was another moment which irked Dhoni quite a bit. He was the stand-in captain against Afghanistan in the Asia Cup last year. Rohit Sharma and other senior players decided to sit out for that game. Thus, while bowling Kuldeep wanted a change in the field and wasn’t too happy.

In fact, he was a tad grumpy and kept moving the field. That’s when MS Dhoni got irritated and said, “Bowling karega ya bowler change kare [Will you bowl or should I change the bowler].” Kuldeep got to bowling after that comment.

4. Deepak Chahar –IPL 2019

MS Dhoni has been a pretty expressive character in the last couple of years, especially in the IPL. Moreover, he has also lost his cool on a few occasions in the last couple of years as well. Be it against the umpires, on certain players in his side or his entire team, Dhoni hasn’t been shy to give them a mouthful if needed.

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Deepak Chahar has been one of the finds of CSK. He’s done well in the last couple of years. However, early in this 2019 season, he was bowling the penultimate over the game. Kings XI Punjab needed 39 runs to get. The Rajasthan pacer bowled successive height no-balls. Hence, Dhoni was frustrated with his bowler.

The CSK skipper marched to Chahar to give him a mouthful. The latter did seem a touch scared when Dhoni was talking to him animatedly. However, after the piece of animated advice from Dhoni, Chahar delivered the other deliveries well and executed the plan.

5. CSK batsmen – IPL 2019

Ever since Chennai Super Kings (CSK) have made a return to the IPL, MS Dhoni has been particular about getting things right. He’s hasn’t been afraid to lash out at his team members if they’ve not put in their full efforts. The CSK skipper has done that multiple times in post-match presentations and taken an indirect jib at his teammates.

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One such instance was after CSK lost the first Qualifier against Mumbai Indians in Chennai. The batsmen couldn’t adjust to the slow nature of the wicket and ended up putting up just 131 runs on the board. Hence, in the post-match presentation, Dhoni lashed out at his batsmen. He wanted them to take more responsibility and adapt depending on how the pitch plays.

“These are the players who we have banked on, they have the experience and they should know to assess the conditions better, hopefully, we will do well in the next game. We needed to know how the pitch behaves, would it be tacky or not? Is the ball coming on or not? Those were the things we didn’t do well,” the CSK skipper was quoted saying.


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