7 records of cricket, which is in the name of Imran Khan, must know about no.1

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Imran Khan, who became the Wazir-e-Azam of Pakistan after getting off the cricket pitch, is known for his successful leadership and positive image. Imran Khan made many brilliant records on the cricket field. He is considered to be Pakistan's most successful cricket captain. Let us know some such records which are in the name of Imran Khan.

Some special records made by Imran

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1. Imran Khan has a very unique record against India. Actually, he is the only captain in the world who captained 15 Tests against India and did not lose a single match during this time. Under Imran's captaincy, Pakistan played 15 matches against India, during which 4 won and 11 were drawn.

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2. Imran Khan scored a brilliant century (102 runs) against Sri Lanka in 1983 World Cup. Which was the first century made by a Pakistani batsman in the World Cup.

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3. Imran Khan has a record of 3,807 runs and 362 wickets in Test cricket and this record makes him among the 6 players in the world who are called 'All Rounders Triple'.

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4. Imran Khan is the only captain in the history of Pakistan cricket under whose leadership the team has become a world champion. Yes, Imran Khan won the World Cup to his team Pakistan in the year 1992. In the final match of the World Cup 1992, Pakistan defeated England by 22 runs to win the World Cup title.

5. Imran Khan is the second player in the world after Ian Botham to record the fastest 'all rounders triple'. He had completed 300 wickets and 3000 runs in his 75th Test match.

6. In Test cricket, it is most important for a batsman to score a century and a bowler to take 10 wickets in a match, but there have been few cricketers in history who have done these two feats in the same match.

but! Only Pakistan captain Imran Khan has done this feat. Imran Khan, the then captain of Pakistan, showed amazing with both ball and bat in the Test match against India 31 years ago. Apart from playing 117 runs, he also took 11 wickets in the match.

7. Imran Khan achieved a Test cricket bowling rating of 922 points against India on 30 January 1983. Imran's performance was the highest at that time, currently it is third in the ICC's all-time Test bowling rating.


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