A boxing glove, speed work and thinking like a cricketer: Jamie George exclusive on the secrets behind the perfect line-out throw

The Telegraph

The Telegraph

Author 2019-10-01 11:38:00


Jamie George’s emergence as the most accurate line-out thrower in world rugby has not come by chance.

Since the age of 16 the England hooker has been perfecting a technique that saw him finish last season having missed just one of his previous 101 throws, including a run that saw him hit 53 consecutive line-outs for his club Saracens up to their Premiership match against Wasps in April.

His overall line-out success rate for Saracens last season was 95 per cent in the Champions Cup and 94 per cent in the Premiership during their domestic and European double.

Based on performances in 2019, with rankings based on those hookers who have thrown at least 40 throws, George is peerless on the international...

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