Aakash Chopra On Glenn Maxwell's Stress And What Players Deal With



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Aakash Chopra is one of the finest commentators as well as an analyst of the game due to his excellent talking, creative as well as presentation skills on the gentleman's game. Meanwhile, Chopra also makes his presence felt on social media and gives opinions as well which are received well by the fans and sometimes they do not go well either. Recently, the former Test opener took to social media to comment on Glenn Maxwell who has decided to take an indefinite break from cricket because of mental health issues as confirmed by Cricket Australia.

Chopra on Maxwell's stress-related issues

Aakash Chopra took to social media and highlighted about Glenn Maxwell taking some time off from the game due to mental health issues. At the same time, the cricketer-turned-commentator also mentioned what could be the reason behind this as well. Chopra had first appreciated Maxwell's quickfire 28-ball 62 against Sri Lanka in the 1st T20I which included seven boundaries and three maximums. Chopra then said that people might be wondering how come the Aussie power-hitter who had a dream day with the bat be facing mental health issues before he explained everything in detail.

''Life of a cricketer can be extremely lonely, extremely depressing. You might think that it might be very exciting as you are representing India, Australia, England, etc., you get to stay in five-star hotels, take first-class flights, millions of people are waiting to get your autographs so you can't ask for anything better. But this is not the reality as sometimes you feel too lonely. You treat your team as your family but sometimes, when you are really unsettled mentally, those issues cannot be shared with the team (your family away from home) as you do not want to disturb them. You have a good camaraderie with them and share a good bond with them but, there are things that you do not wish to share with them and that's what leads to further problems'', said Chopra.

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What issue is Maxwell facing?

Cricket Australia Team Psychologist Dr. Michael Lloyd said that Maxwell had been experiencing some difficulties with regards to his mental health. As a result, he was going to spend some time away from the game. He added that Maxwell was proactive in identifying these issues and engaging with support staff. Oliver said that the well-being of the players and staff was of utmost importance and extended the Board's support to him. He went on to say that Cricket Australia was going to work collaboratively with Cricket Victoria's support staff to ensure Glenn's well-being and his reintegration into the game. He urged everyone to give Glenn, his family and friends space and requested them to respect their privacy. Oliver added that Maxwell was a special player and an important part of the Australian cricket family and he wanted to see him back in the team during the summer. Maxwell's decision was met with a lot of sensitivity from the Cricket Board, as Ben Oliver who is the executive general manager of the Australian team said that the well-being of the players and staff was paramount.


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