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Author 2019-11-10 21:11:33

After cricket, if someone has interest in the fans, then he is the cricketer's girlfriend and wife. Which cricketer's wife is doing outside the playground. Which cricketer is dating whom. People have special attention on such issues. So today we are going to introduce you to the wives of 4 such cricketers who are the hottest wives in the world.

David Warner - Candice Warner

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The Australian model's explosive batsman David Warner's key super wife is not only beautiful but also very fit. David Warner married Candice Falljan in 2015. Candice is very beautiful. It is said that the beauty of his beauty is all over Australia.

Candice has dated Australian rugby player Matt Hanjack, German footballer Brat Anasta, Australian footballer David Carney, Marcus Begdettis and Matt Pool before marrying David.

Candice often accompanies Warner on almost every tour. This couple has two daughters. The elder daughter's name is Evi and the younger one is Indie Ray. After becoming the mother of two children, Candice has kept herself fit enough.

Kevin Peterson - Jessica Taylor

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Jessica Taylor, wife of talented England cricketer Kevin Pietersen, is no less than beautiful. But very few people will know that Jessica is a famous and successful English singer, television personality and dancer.

Kevin married Jessica Taylor in 2007. And in 2010, their first child son Dylan was born. At the same time, five years later, her daughter Rosie was born as a little angel.

Andre Russell - Jassym Lora

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Andre Russell is the explosive batsman of the West Indies team and also forms part of the T20 tournament in India. While his wife's name is Jasim Lora Russell, who is associated with the world of modeling and glamor.

Both pairings have always been in the news. He has been seen roaming with Russell several times during IPL matches. People love their beauty and bold style.

He also has a lot of followers on social media. Not only this, she is also in discussion about her fitness. For your information, please tell that no other cricketer in the cricket world has such a figure.

JP Duminy - Sui Duminy

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The legendary South African batsman JP Dumani has achieved a special place in the international cricket world due to his exceptional performance.

Whenever this batsman comes to bat on the cricket field to bat, the good bowlers lose their sweat.

Although we do not talk about JP Dumani here, we talk about his beautiful wife, whose number of fans is present in millions in the whole world.

Let me tell you, Duminy and Su have been married for over 8 years. If we talk about her beauty, then there is no doubt that in this case she is more beautiful than the wife of cricketers from all over the world.

Despite not being a celebrity, the fan following of JP Dumani's wife is tremendous. Apart from this, he is also a much more popular face on social media. Many of his glamorous and stylish photos are available on the Internet.


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