Anil Kumble Calls For The Better Facilities To The Spectators During Test Matches



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The former skipper of the Indian National Cricket Team Anil Kumble has asked the management to bring better facilities to the spectators, who visit the stadium to watch Test cricket. During the course, the ex-head coach of the Indian team also backed the idea of having limited venues, which was proposed by the Indian skipper Virat Kohli.

The International Cricket Council alongside all the cricketing bodies are trying to figure out the plan to bring spectators to the venue for the 5-day game. But, on the other end, the poor maintenance of the venues and seating-disaster is making the fans to never think about a visit to an international game again.

Despite spending money on the particular seats, the fans couldn’t even get a cover on the head to hide from the sun. The fans are being baked under the sun throughout the day thus making the fans lose interest in watching the game from the stands.

imgIndia fans (Credits: Twitter)

We should make the spectator feel really comfortable – Anil Kumble

Speaking of the same, Anil Kumble explained that better marketing of the game and the better facilities for the spectators will do the trick to make fans visit stadiums to watch Test Cricket. The legendary spinner added that the management should offer better food, seating structure and the neat washrooms in order to make it a comfortable visit for the spectators.

“What we need to also do is to create better facilities for the spectators to come and view the game. You know, they need to have comfortable seats, the access to the stadium, ticketing I think use of technology is something that we need to look at when it comes to issuing tickets and then, of course, the basic comfort like food and water and toilet facilities.

imgIndia celebrate the victory. Credit: BCCI

“If we can provide all of that, make the spectator really comfortable, then I think you will see a lot of people coming in to watch Test match cricket,” Kumble said.

Day/Night Test will bring spectators to the stadiums:

And also, the board is in talks to bring Day/night Test cricket in India as well. Sourav Ganguly, who is the current BCCI president has already made enough host the first Day/Night Test game in India. Speaking of the same, Anil Kumble believes it would work.

imgImage Courtesy: Getty Images

“I think day-night Test cricket will certainly bring in the crowds towards the latter half of that game. You also need to choose the right time of the year because we’ve seen in day-night ODIs, the ball gets really wet because of dew,” Kumble said to Cricketnext.

As someone who has always batted for Test cricket, Anil Kumble’s call comes at a time when interest in the game’s most challenging format is waning across countries.


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