Annual sports meet VAJRA’19 kicks off at BIT Mesra

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The Pioneer

Author 2019-11-09 03:59:12

The three-day annual sports meet of Birla Institute of Technology (BIT), Mesra –VAJRA’19- kick started on Friday at the college campus near Ranchi. Techies from BIT Deoghar, BIT Patna, Asansol Engineering College, National Institute of Technology in Jamshedpur and students from various colleges of Ranchi participated in the sporting event.

The institute’s Vice Chancellor Dr. S Konar declared the event open on Friday and urged the participants to abide by the laws and ethics of the game they play.

Cricket, Chess, Volleyball, Basketball, Football, Badminton and Chess tournaments were organized on the inaugural day of the sports fest.

The cricket tournament entered its third day on Friday. Cricket teams of NIFFT, Ranchi battled against BIT, Patna at the Oval Ground while at the BIT Polytechnic Ground, a match was played between CIT, Ranchi and RCM.

BIT, Patna and RCM were victorious in their respective matches. In the second half, the cricket teams of BIT, Mesra and RTCIT faced each other at the Oval Ground. Meanwhile, BIT Polytechnic Ground witnessed an exciting contest of cricket between St. Xavier's Kolkata and NIT, Jamshedpur.

Teams of BIT, Mesra and NIT, Jamshedpur won in their respective matches. The Badminton tournament started on Friday. Shuttlers of NIT, Jamshedpur battled against those of BIT, Patna at Court 1 while at Court 2, the match was played between RVS, Jamshedpur and NIFFT, Hatia. Next, Court 1 witnessed a nail biting match between St. Xavier's, Kolkata and IIIT, Bhagalpur. At Court 2, the shutters of BIT, Deoghar competed against those of RIMS, Ranchi.

In the second half, Court 1 saw the battle of AMITY, Ranchi and Birla Global.Court 2 was witness to an exciting face off between St. Xavier's, Ranchi and Radha Govind.

In the next match, BIT, Mesra battled against BIT, Sindri at Court 1 while NSHM, Durgapur and KGEC competed at Court 2. The final match of the day was played between BIT, Mesra and BIT, Deoghar.In the Badminton tournament for women, shutters of NIFT, Hatia faced the shutters of NSHM, Durgapur at Court 1, while the teams from St. Xavier's, Ranchi and BCET, Durgapur played in Court 2. The badminton team from BIT, Deoghar faced the team from KGEC at Court 1, while the teams from NIT, Jamshedpur and NIFT, Hatia played against each other at Court 2.

Four chess matches were held on Friday between teams from eight colleges. At least eight table tennis matches were held on Friday for men, while woman players played five matches.

At least 13 basketball matches were held on Friday for men and five matches for woman players. Besides, the players also battled it out in Volleyball and Football matches on the inaugural day.


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