Anything & Everything You Do is Conflict of Interest: Rangaswamy

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Author 2019-09-30 17:17:27

img Former India captain Shantha Rangaswamy has called for a need to review the conflict of interest clause after stepping down from her position as a member of the Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC) and director of the Indian Cricketers Association (ICA). Rangaswamy was served a Conflict of Interest notice by BCCI Ethics Officer DK Jain, following which she took the decision.

Rangaswamy said the current situation makes it difficult even for people with good intentions to serve the game.

"There is a dire need to review the definition of conflict of interest. It has to be undertaken immediately otherwise you will never get quality,” Rangaswamy told Women’s CricZone.

"If doing a good deed with an intention to serve the game is construed as conflict of interest then I had to quit because those who had appointed me for that CAC post should not be put in an embarrassing situation. One thing I can assure it is not the end of the road. I am positive (that) a review of the definition of conflict of interest will be undertaken.

"Hopefully, the BCCI team that assumes power will do it. Otherwise no one will opt for it. Anything and everything you do is conflict of interest. CAC meets once in two years, three years or even annually to select the selectors. The first task of the new BCCI team should be – review what constitutes conflict of interest. I became a director of the ICA to register the constitution. I would have anyway quit before the elections were held as office bearers would come into place and we had no role there."

Rangaswamy, who was a member of the CAC along with Kapil Dev and Anshuman Gaekwad, also said the ICA should have one woman cricketer and stressed she would ensure the right of women players are taken care of.

"Better sense will prevail and players of repute can be roped in for their technical expertise in such committees otherwise it is the end of the road," she said. Someone has to get in from women’s cricket into the BCCI apex council. One woman cricketer has to get into ICA. I will discuss with my fellow players of yesteryear to ensure that the interests of women’s cricket are taken care of in the BCCI and ICA."

Rangaswamy's comments is the latest in a series of criticism against the conflict of interest clause. Former cricketers Sourav Ganguly and Anil Kumble had spoken up against the clause too.


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