Ardent cricket fans defy air pollution to watch India-Bangladesh clash

Deccan Chronicle

Deccan Chronicle

Author 2019-11-04 12:00:53


New Delhi: The ardent cricket fans have defied the power of air pollution. Consequences of poor quality of air can't match the craze they have for the T20I match between India and Bangladesh! Hence, they have thronged Arun Jaitley Cricket stadium here in large numbers to watch the match.

"Pollution is a problem for Delhi but what I feel is that it will not match the craze the fans have for this cricket match. So, we are interested and very much excited to enjoy the match," a fan told ANI on Sunday.

"Ultimately, we are responsible for this because we are using vehicles and contributing to this pollution. Both government and citizens should work to get rid of this pollution," he added.

"There is so much craze for cricket in India that despite pollution people have come in large numbers to watch this match. And the Delhi government should take notice of this," said another cricket fan.

Another fan raised his concern, saying that during the match there will be worries about health in his mind.

"We won't be able to enjoy that much. There will be concerns in mind. Family members have also asked not to go out for so long. But there is cricket fever and I want to watch the match. I was worried that the match might get cancelled," he said.


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