Ashes 2019: Opening Partners Set New Lowest Average Record In Five-Match Test Series History

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In the Ashes 2019, there were a total of 20 opening partnerships where it saw the partnership of only 251 runs in total. At the end of this series, the opening partnership average was just 12.55. It is the new lowest average in the opening partnership in the five-match Test series history. Apart from one 50+ partnership in England innings during their last innings of Ashes 2019, there were no other 50 runs opening partnership.

The previous lowest record was 14.15 during the England tour of South Africa in 1905/06. In that five-match Test series, the total opening partnership runs were 269 runs in 19 innings. During that series, only one opening partnership crossed the 50 runs mark.

However, the Ashes 2019 shattered that record and created a new disaster record. Here are the brief details of opening partnerships in Ashes 2019.

England (Total partnership runs = 166 runs; average = 16.60)

The hosts England had the better picture than Australia in the opening partnerships of Ashes 2019. In the first three Tests, and handled the opening partnerships while replaced Jason Roy for the last two Tests.


England’s total opening partnership runs in the ashes 2019 were 166 runs and their average was just 16.60. Apart from their last innings (54 runs partnership), the England openers managed only two more 20+ partnerships in the Ashes 2019. Their two partnerships also failed to open the accounts.

England’s innings-by-innings opening partnerships in Ashes 2019

InningsPartnersPartnership Runs (Overs)Venue
2Rory Burns and Jason Roy22 (7.2)Birmingham
4Rory Burns and Jason Roy19 (9.5)Birmingham
1Rory Burns and Jason Roy0 (1.3)Lord’s
3Rory Burns and Jason Roy9 (4.1)Lord’s
2Rory Burns and Jason Roy10 (3.5)Leeds
4Rory Burns and Jason Roy15 (6.0)Leeds
2Rory Burns and Joe Denly10 (6.5)Manchester
4Rory Burns and Joe Denly0 (0.3)Manchester
1Rory Burns and Joe Denly27 (8.3)The Oval
3Rory Burns and Joe Denly54 (16.3)The Oval

Australia (Total partnership runs = 85 runs; average = 8.50)

In Ashes 2019, the Australian openers even failed to put a single 20-run partnership. Their top opening partnership was only 18 runs and once again it was their last innings of this tournament. and were the openers in the first two Tests. From the third Test, and David Warner became the opening partners.


Australia’s total runs in the opening partnership in Ashes 2019 were just 85 runs, and the opening partnership average was only 8.50. In those 10 innings, one also had 0 runs partnership.

Australia’s innings-by-innings opening partnerships in Ashes 2019

InningsPartnersPartnership Runs (Overs)Venue
1Cameron Bancroft and David Warner2 (3.5)Birmingham
3Cameron Bancroft and David Warner13 (3.0)Birmingham
2Cameron Bancroft and David Warner11 (4.2)Lord’s
4Cameron Bancroft and David Warner13 (3.3)Lord’s
1Marcus Harris and David Warner12 (4.0)Leeds
3Marcus Harris and David Warner10 (1.2)Leeds
1Marcus Harris and David Warner1 (0.4)Manchester
3Marcus Harris and David Warner0 (1.0)Manchester
2Marcus Harris and David Warner5 (1.5)The Oval
4Marcus Harris and David Warner18 (5.0)The Oval

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