Ashes 2019: What’s Going on with England?

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This summer all cricket fans will remember for long. In the Ashes 2019, the emotions were running high as England and Australia were relentlessly battling each other for the ultimate victory. Although the last fifth Test run ended up in a draw, both teams can be proud of their performance this season. For Aussies, in experts’ opinion on it is another year when the trophy stays with them. Given this year’s performance of the Englishmen, the only question is “for how long”. 

The Ashes is one of the most important tournaments in cricket taking place between the teams of England and Australia. Such a team dispersion obviously has its historical roots as cricket gained wide popularity in the countries of the British Commonwealth back in the 18th century. In the year 1882, the Australian team even came to England to play against the locals there. That is exactly when the whole “the Ashes” story began as Aussies blew out Englishmen into “the ashes”. 

Nowadays, the name of the tournament, even though merely symbolically, reminds us of the ever-continuing competition between the two teams. And this season is one of the most vivid confirmation thereof. 

The Struggle is Real: How Did the Fifth Test Go? 
If you belong to the cohort of cricket fans, you must have had a pretty exciting summer. During five Test runs that happened between the end of July and the middle of September, there has been quite a lot going on. Below we present a test-by-test overview of the game results: 

First Test (1-5 August 2019; Edgbaston, Birmingham): Australia won by 251 runs. Australian king of cricket, Steve Smith was recognized as the player of the match;

Second Test (14-18 August 2019, Lord’s London): ended up in a draw. This time it was Ben Stokes who made it as the player of the match as he scored a century in the second innings; 

Third Test (22-26 August 2019; Headingley, Leeds): again Englishmen won at the home field. This time they triumphed by one wicket. Again, Ben Stokes was named as the player of the match for his outstanding performance; 

Fourth Test (4-8 September 2019; Old Trafford, Manchester): Australia took back its victory and this time doing so by 185 runs. This was a turning moment as Australia retained the Ashes with Steve Smith again being the player of the match;

Fifth Test (12-16 September 2019; The Oval, London): the defining moment of this September ended up being a draw. Despite the marvelous performance of Englishmen in the last match, the urn with “the ashes” remains with the Australian team. One should say, Aussies made it even more marvelous this time. 

All in all, this season of Test cricket games could not have been more engaging to watch. Whether at home or at the stadium, everyone surely enjoyed all the matches. Hopes are the next Ashes season will be even more exciting to follow with Englishmen clearly regaining their strength in this centuries-long competition. 


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