Bad News for Virat Kohli,ICC heard this big punishment,may be banned,Check out full matter



Author 2019-09-30 13:55:26

The T20 series between India and South Africa has recently concluded, with both teams tied at 1–1. Meanwhile, after the series, a bad news has come for Indian captain Virat Kohli, and the ICC has acted on him.

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India's captain Virat Kohli has received an official warning, and a demerit has been added to the disciplinary record.

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In fact, this incident happened during the fifth over of the Indian innings when Kohli took a run and deliberately crowded the shoulder of South African pacer Buren Hendrix.

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May be banned

The big problem for Kohli is that since the revised code of conduct came into force in September 2016, he now has three demerit points.

If Kohli's tally of demerit points reaches four or more in a 24-month period, he will be converted to suspension points, resulting in him being banned.

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Four demerit points equals two suspension points, resulting in a player being banned for a Test, two ODIs or two T20s, whichever comes first.

That is, before January 2020, adding the next demerit point, Virat will be banned for 2 ODI / 2 T20 or one T20.

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After the end of the T20 series, now the three-Test series between India and South Africa is going to begin. Even before the start of the Test series, the Indian team is considered to be a strong contender to win the series. The first Test between the two countries will be played on Wednesday, October 2 at the ground of Visakhapatnam.

Before the start of this Test match, the same thing is going on in the cricket market, with which eleven players in Visakhapatnam, Virat Kohli can land on the ground. Will Captain Sahib come on the field with a combination of six-five or with seven-four… The same discussion is happening everywhere.

Today, through this article, we are going to tell you the names of eleven players, who can be given a chance in the last XI of the first Test match against South Africa.

Kohli confessed his crime and accepted the charge of third umpire Anil Chaudhary and fourth umpire Chettiodi Shamshuddin along with umpires Nitin Menon and CK Nandan proposed by match referee Richie Richardson.


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