BCCI acting president welcomes appointment of Sourav Ganguly

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The Statesman

Author 2019-10-14 15:41:00


Sourav Ganguly's name went unopposed after it was proposed by Anurag Thakur in the dying minutes. (Photo: Sourav Ganguly-IANS, CK Khanna- Twitter/C.K.KhannaBCCI)

CK Khanna, the acting president of BCCI lauded the decision to appoint Sourav Ganguly as the next president of India’s cricket governing body on Monday.

Praising the board officials’ effort to put Ganguly at the helm of BCCI, Khanna said that it would be “a matter of great pride”. “It is a great matter of pride that former India captain Sourav Ganguly is now set to lead as president of BCCI with his vast experience as cricketer and as former India captain,” Khanna was quoted as saying by ANI.

The president sounded optimistic about the latest happenings and hoped that Ganguly would take BCCI over its tough time of recent years. He added, “Also, he is a member of Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC) and president of Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB). He will lead BCCI to new heights and I am confident that he will take dynamic decisions because BCCI’s past few years had faced tough time.”

Trusting his confidence on the 47-year-old and his leadership, Khanna said, “We are confident that under his leadership his entire team will do great job during his tenure. I wish all the very best to Sourav and his team.”

In what appeared as a last-minute turn-of-fate, Sourav Ganguly’s name went unopposed after he was nominated to be the next president in the dying minutes of yesterday’s hour-long meetings. Following Brijesh Patel’s emergence as the first-choice candidate, Ganguly’s name was proposed by Anurag Thakur in the presence of country’s biggest cricket administrative minds.

However, Ganguly’s first tenure at the top-spot of Indian cricket will not be a lengthy one as he is all set to head for his cooling-off period in June 2020, leaving him only 10 months. But that doesn’t worry him as he sounded excited about taking this new challenge.


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