BCCI President Sourav Ganguly said something about Indian cricket captain Kohli

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On Monday, BCCI President Sourav Ganguly called Virat Kohli the most important person in Indian cricket and promised all possible support to Virat Kohli. Ganguly said that he will talk to the Indian captain on Thursday and discuss further Ganguly said, 'I will talk to him tomorrow. He is the captain of the Indian team and the most important person in Indian cricket. I look at it this way so we will talk to them and as I said we will support them in every possible way, they want to make this team the best team in the world. The way the team has been playing in the last three to four years, this team has been very good in that sense.'

Ganguly said that he will also hold talks with the team management, which includes head coach Ravi Shastri. Sourav Ganguly said that "it will be a complete discussion and there will be a mutual discussion about everything but be sure, we are here to make things easier, not to be difficult. Everything will be on performance basis.' BCCI President Sourav Ganguly said,' Performance is the most important thing and we will decide on the future of Indian cricket. Virat is the most important person in this entire context. We will support him, we will listen to them. I myself have been a captain so I understand. There will be mutual respect, opinions and discussions and we will do what is best for the game.

Ganguly again spoke of India's performance in ICC competitions, saying, 'Yes, you can say that they did not win the World Cup (in England), but you don't win the World Cup every time. We will support him, do what he wants and we will ensure that Indian cricket goes ahead with ease. '' The speculation of Rohit Sharma's one-day captaincy started after the World Cup. When asked about having a different captain in different formats, Ganguly said, "I don't think this question arises." India is winning at the moment. The Indian team is probably the best team in the world.

After whitewashing South Africa 3–0 in Ranchi on Tuesday, Kohli spoke of limiting the Test sites to five. Asked about this, Ganguly said, "In terms of Test venues, we have a lot of states, a lot of places so we have to sit with him (Kohli) and see what he thinks."



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