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Author 2019-10-24 00:00:43


BCCI is set to enter in new revolutions and renovations. Sourav Ganguly has taken the new role in BCCI on Wednesday (23rd October) in Mumbai during the AGM meeting. Selection of a new president has increased the hope of everyone for some new changes in the Board and Indian cricket.

Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has lost its goodwill in the recent past. The selection of new office members would have one main agenda to remove the tarnished image of the board.

One of the BCCI’s member opined that on Wednesday it is a general body meeting, not an Anual General Meeting (AGM). The AGM will be called by Sourav Ganguly to discuss the matters deeply. The meeting which is on Wednesday will have only one major topic to discuss i.e, “How BCCI will get back the control?”

“There’s nothing else on the agenda. It will all boil down to that one question: How will BCCI retain ‘control’ of what it has lost?” add members.

“What’s happening today is not an AGM. It’s just a general body meeting. The CoA is, in fact, chairing it. The AGM will have to be called for and the agenda for that will be drafted soon,” says a member


BCCI President Sourav Ganguly has a big challenge

Many Former cricketers are happy about Sourav Ganguly. All are hoping that the former Indian captain will make changes in the constitution of BCCI which will benefit the Indian cricket in future. Sourav Ganguly will hold up the post to 10 months which is a short period to bring major changes, A source said. The selected-member should be given a long period to understand the system, he said.

“Sourav talked about addressing ‘conflict’ – the constitution will need to be examined. There’s a new set of young, first-time office-bearers taking charge, so is a 10-month window fair? – again, the constitution will need to be examined. India will need to send an individual with the right amount of experience and intellect to the ICC. Will an individual of such competence be eligible – once again, it is the constitution that will need to be examined,” sources say.


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