Ben Stokes Family Tragedy As Brother And Sister Shot Dead

Ravi Sharma

Ravi Sharma

Author 2019-09-17 13:18:59

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England cricket star Ben “Gerard was a rock for her and when Ben came along he became the light in her darkness,” a source told the Sun.

“Ben was born at a time of terrible tragedy. Deb was enduring every parents’ worst possible nightmare and his arrival gave her something to live for.

“It’s incredible that he’s achieved so much as a cricketer and made her so proud.”

Stokes' brother and sister were both murdered by their father as children before he was born.

The family heartbreak revealed by the Sun tell of how Stokes' mum Deb had been living in Christchurch, New Zealand, when the father of Tracey, 8, and Andrew, 4, shot them both at his flat before ending his own life.

Deb had separated from Richard Dunn, father to both children, and had began a new relationship with Stokes' father, Gerard - which caused furious rows with her former partner.

Dunn was then caring for the children over a weekend in April 1988 when he killed them before driving to Deb's home, only to find it empty as she had gone to work.

He then set the building alight before going back inside when armed police arrived at the scene, and shooting himself ten minutes later.


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