Bengaluru: Parents beware, Cricket betting the new rage among youngsters

Deccan Chronicle

Deccan Chronicle

Author 2019-09-26 08:00:11


Bengaluru: If your young son is watching cricket with a lot of passion and a lot of dejection as well then it’s a wakeup call for all parents to find out what their sons are upto.

Cricket betting is attracting youngsters like never before and putting them on the path of destruction in the city. The families are getting ruined as youngsters are coming back home and threatening parents of ending their lives if they don't get hefty sums of money.

The big amount involves a sum of about Rs 50 lakh to Rs 80 lakh and sometimes it even touches Rs 1 crore leaving the parents shell shocked and also opens them to the fact that their kid is losing money in cricket betting.

The betting mafia has designed the racket in such a way that youngster or any man who plays betting gets addicted or attracted to it forever.

Bets are placed in the ratio of one is to two, one is to five and one is to ten. If ` 1,000 is placed on betting in the ratio of one is to ten and if one wins he will win Rs 10,000. Initially, whoever places bets wins it for a couple of times.

The gambler who is initially happy to earn profits will begin to put lakhs at stake and this is when the betting racket starts showing it's darker side.

The people involved in the racket assesses the assets, family background of the person and encourages the victim to place bets by luring them in various ways including an offer of providing for loans.

Once the victim is ripped off, they want their money at any cost and the victims will go to any extent to get the money.

Joint Commissioner (Crime) Sandeep Patil explained that cricket betting is done initially to enjoy the game. All though it looks like easy money, no one has seen money being won after betting. "The person who arranges betting is an accused and the person who plays betting is also an accused. This gambling is driving people towards suicides," he underlines.

Sandeep Patil said this is a big racket. In a span of one month, CCB had filed five cases and seized Rs 75 lakh in cash and now the biggest case is connected to the KPL tourney which involves a team owner.

"Being a team owner he has capacity to alter the results," he adds.

CCB is dealing with the betting menace with an iron hand. Youngsters who are falling for it thinking that it is an easy way to make money should think otherwise although betting looks attractive, he underlines. “Betting is a trap,” Sandeep Patil says.

The parents should take care by regularly checking mobile phones of their kids as bets are placed simply by making a call. During cricketing seasons, it is duty of the parents to keep vigil on their young wards, say experts. If parents themselves are into betting, then only God can save their


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