Bungee Jumping: Five Best Spots For The Adventure Sport In India



Author 2019-11-07 16:00:00


India is now catching up with the adventure sports trends and is trying to develop as many of the sports in the country as possible. Bungee Jumping is one such sport that is growing to be a trend in the country. An adventure sport combined with an adrenaline rush is a combination everyone wants to be a part of. Here is a list of a few of the best Bungee Jumping spots in the country.


Rishikesh offers the highest Bungee Jumping platform to the entire country. With a height of about 83 meters and a fixed platform, this spot is located in the Mohan Chatti village in Uttrakhand. The place is called Jumpin Heights. The cost of this adventure is priced at ₹3000 per person.


Priced at ₹1500 per person, Della Adventures offer the luxury of this sport. The spot is located in Kunegoan, Lonavala. The height is about 45 meters and the minimum age required is 10. This is the best location if one lives near Mumbai or Pune as it falls midway between the two.


When it comes to non-fixed Bungee Jumping, Bangalore tops the list. As non-fixed one comes with a little risk, Ozone Adventures in Bangalore takes extra care of its customers. Suspended from a 40-meter high crane, this place offers a 25-meter height for the jump and is priced at ₹400 each while the minimum age requirement is 18.


Offering a height of 30 meters, this one is priced at ₹300 each. Located in Jagdalpur, Chattisgarh, the minimum age requirement for this location is 14 years. Besides this, Jagdalpur also offers a lot of other adventure sports.


Located at Anjuna Beach, Gravity Adventure Zone in Goa is popular spot for this sport. It offers a height of 25 meters and is priced at ₹500 per person. the minimum age requirement is 14 years.


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