Can Salman Khan buy IPL team, know what is the cost of IPL teams?



Author 2019-09-23 22:44:43

Hello and welcome to our UC news channel Classy Cricket, and we are once again present with another interesting information for you.

Every year before the IPL, it comes news that Salman Khan is going to buy a team of IPL but no one tells which team Salman Khan is going to buy but today I will answer all your questions and tell you that of IPL. How much the teams are worth and whether Salman Khan has that much brand value or not.

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Actually friends, two or three days ago, a US company Duff & Phelps has given the prices of all the teams and has also evaluated the IPL, after which many big revelations have happened and today we touch down with Salman Khan. will try to.

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Mumbai Indians team is the most expensive team in this list and it has the highest valuation. The team of Mumbai Indians has got a valuation of around ₹ 809 crores and the cheapest team is Rajasthan Royals team which is worth 270 crores rupees.


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