COA files 11th status report recommends on voting rights and conflict of interest rule

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Free Press Journal

Author 2019-10-16 11:24:54


One of the important recommendations is about the conflict of interest rule and granting ex-Ranji Trophy players voting rights in state associations.

About the Ranji trophy, the COA stated: "The report submitted by the Justice Lodha Committee in its recommendations also noted that players must be included in the management, governance and membership of state associations. It is recommended that all former players who have played in the Ranji Trophy tournament be automatically granted full membership with voting rights by their respective state associations."

Change Conflict Rules

About the Change of Conflict rules, the COA said, "This was a result of straight-jacketed application of the rules on the basis of certain illustrations given in the conflict rules which seem to cover within its ambit a wide range of scenarios and individuals irrespective of their level of proximity with the BCCI administration.

A few of the concerns stemming from such straight jacketed application include absolute prohibition on former players from occupying multiple posts, prohibition on holding of even two unrelated or remotely-related posts, undue restriction on the current players [not on annual contract with the BCCI] from being gainfully employed even outside the BCCI during off-season."

While recommending appropriate amendments to the conflict interest clause after a healthy discussion with the stakeholders and experts, the suggestions remains, "original character" and "spirit".

Appointment Issue

Citing the example of Bihar where the Ombudsman and ethics officer were changed because a favourable order wasn’t received, the COA suggested a change in the appointment of ombudsman and ethics officer.

The COA has also recommended, "to constitute a committee of former Chief Justice of India (who shall be chairman), one male and one female international cricketer both nominate by the Indian Cricketers' Association." to ensure the independence of the Ombudsman office and ethics officer.


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