D/N Test good move as long as dew isn’t a factor: Tendulkar

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Author 2019-11-01 10:17:00


New Delhi, October 31

India’s first-ever Day/Night Test will be a success only if the dew factor is countered effectively at the Eden Gardens, said Sachin Tendulkar, apprehensive that wet conditions might severely hamper pacers and spinners alike.

Tendulkar welcomed the introduction of Tests under floodlights in India, saying it is a “good move” and will pull back crowds for the traditional format of the sport. “As long as dew does not become a factor, it is a good move but if dew is going to be a factor then seamers as well as spinners are going to find it challenging,” Tendulkar said. “Because once the ball gets wet, neither seamers can do much nor the spinners. So in that way, bowlers will be tested. But if there is no dew, then surely it is a good addition.”

The dew has been a factor at the Eden Gardens during ODI games under floodlights, something Tendulkar is apprehensive about. “I think the dew factor will play a big role over here. We need to figure out how much dew is there. The dew will determine to what extent both teams are competing. The conditions shouldn’t hinder anything (competitiveness),” said Tendulkar.

How to practise

Tendulkar offered a practice tip to the Indian batsmen. “The batsmen will need to practise with different balls at the nets. A new pink ball, a 20 overs old pink ball, a 50 overs old pink ball and an 80 overs old ball. See how differently a new, semi-new and old ball behaves. Accordingly prepare your strategy,” he suggested. — PTI

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