De Kock played 36 T20I Matches: See who is best between De Kock and Rohit after 36 matches

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Author 2019-09-17 00:43:59

Hi friends welcome to our UC News Channel. South Africa’s T20I captain and opening batsman Quinton De Kock and Hitman Rohit Sharma are ruling the cricketing world with their spectacular batting skills on any ground especially in the T20 Cricket.

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Now the question arises, “Who is the Best bowler in the Test Cricket among these two?” For that, we have analyzed their individual performance after completion of 36 T20I matches as De Kock has played 36 T20 matches so far in his career.

Quinton de Kock T20I Career:

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In 36 T20I matches he played so far, Quinton de Kock has scored 887 runs with an average of 27.72 and strike rate of 127.08. In his short career he has scored 2 half centuries so far. His best score in T20 cricket is 59 runs.

Rohit Sharma (after 36 T20Is):

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In initial stage of Rohit Sharma’s T20I career when he played 36 matches, Rohit had scored 539 runs with an average of 28.36 and strike rate of 127.12. That time his best score was 79* runs.

Friends as per you, who is the best Batsman in T20I cricket among Rohit Sharma and Quinton de Kock? Please put your views in the comment box.


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