Dhoni's biggest disclosure ever, the world does not even know his pain

Shifan halai

Shifan halai

Author 2019-09-27 16:18:17

Mahendra Singh Dhoni [Mahendra Singh Dhoni], the Indian captain who changed the entire Indian cricket team [Indian Cricket Team]. The captain who gave India 2 World Cup [World Cup] and ICC Championship [ICC Championship]

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People are speculating about his retirement after watching him get away from cricket, recently when captain Virat Kohli [Virat Kohli] shared a photo with him, even then the news of his retirement had come out loud and then it was also about Virat Kohli [Virat Kohli] had to tweet in which he said that there is nothing like this.

Currently, such information has come out about Dhoni, due to which he has distanced himself from cricket. During the news World Cup published in the Indian Express, Dhoni was playing the entire tournament with an injured body. His back was hurt, which increased match by match. Along with this, his wrist was also injured in the World Cup. It is believed that he is away from international cricket due to these injuries.


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