Dhoni Remembered His Childhood Friend, It Will Melt Your Heart

Daily Delights

Daily Delights

Author 2019-10-07 01:25:58

Often the people who are involved in the success of a person are little known until, they are remembered by the man himself. It will not only show the kindness of successful person but also reflects the selfless humanity people have in today's world.

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Dhoni and Santosh used to be good friend as they started their career in cricket at the same time. The famous 'Helicopter' shot was actually invention of Santosh which later brought it to world cricket. In one the recent interview, Dhoni once again remembered his friend for his support.

Unfortunately Santosh died in the year 2013, after suffering from pancreatitis illness. Dhoni showed respect to his beloved friend at many events and also in his biography movie we see his contribution in Dhoni's success.


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