Dhoni Retires? Twitter Abuzz With ‘News’ of MSD’s Retirement Again

The Quint

The Quint

Author 2019-10-29 09:54:21


It’s a regular Tuesday morning. You wake up and start your day by going through your messages. Social media is still dealing with the hangover from Diwali, while quite a few Halloween looks start appearing on your feed. You check what’s trending on Twitter and almost spit your coffee out.

The hashtag #DhoniRetires has been trending on the social media platform since Monday evening. The origin of the hashtag is unknown, but there has been no official statement from either the cricketer or even the BCCI to cause this stir. We take you through how Twitter has been reacting to the news of a possible retirement of the former Indian skipper.

However, many fans soon realised that this is nothing more than a rumour, and are trying to get #NeverRetireDhoni to trend instead.

Dhoni has had a strong relationship with his fans ever since he broke out with the Indian cricket team. When the time comes for Dhoni to retire, we won’t see it suddenly trending on twitter, but will hear it from the man that led Indian cricket to his pinnacle.


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