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12 Oct 2019

The Supreme Court-appointed Committee of Administrators (CoA) has seen member Diana Edulji not being happy with her colleagues including chairman Vinod Rai.

Edulji has once again lashed out at the CoA and stated the committee has neither been open nor transparent in their decision-making.

Here we look at the reason why Edulji seems miffed at the CoA members.

Here's what the current stand-off is all about


The current stand-off between Edulji and the other CoA members is regarding the denial of voting rights to three government organizations.

These are the likes of Railways, Services and Association of Universities.

Edulji is miffed with the CoA for failing to form a Player's Association and some of the member units being disqualified for non-compliance of the constitution.

We are not very open or transparent, says Edulji


"We are not very open or transparent," she was quoted as saying by The Indian Express. "We are seen as favoring certain states and [biased against] certain other states. That is not the idea of CoA," she opined.


Edulji questions the CoA over Justice Lodha recommendations


Edulji added the CoA isn't being fair and all the hard work of the last three years are being spoiled.

"Even today Justice Lodha said too much dilution [of his recommendations]. Doesn't it send wrong signals? We have done all the hard work in the last three years. Why are we spoiling it in the end? We are not being fair," she said.

Edulji criticized CoA for being biased towards her


Edulji also highlighted that no government organization can have a Players' Association.

She felt that most of her points and suggestions were always shot down.

"Maybe they [CoA members] think of me as too junior a person who doesn't know much about cricket administration, but my views are always in the minority," she said.

You can't have different yardsticks for different states: Edulji


The 63-year-old Edulji also alleged that the CoA was selective in dealing with case of non-compliance within the state units.

She feels this is not good for CoA's image.

"The same yardstick should be used for everybody. You can't have different yardsticks for different states," she said.

"The optics are going wrong. The perception of people is going wrong," she added.


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