Don't use technology that replaces umpire: Former ICC Elite panel umpire Simon Taufel

The Times of India

The Times of India

Author 2019-11-10 11:51:00

imgBENGALURU: At a time when the Indian Premier League is all set to welcome the 'No-ball umpire,' former ICC Elite panel umpire Simon Taufel has said that one should exercise caution while implementing technology that replace the umpire.

Taufel felt that technology should help umpires make better decisions rather than push them to avoid making decisions. Speaking to TOI, the Australian, who won the ICC Umpire of the Year five times in a row from 2004, said technology needed to be embraced as it supported the role of umpire and made the game better.

"I am not aware of the details of the no-ball umpire, so I cannot comment on it. Technology has the potential to end mediocrity. However, the fundamental rule should always be the same - the basic skills and attributes one has developed over the years should not be compromised by opting for technology," Taufel, who is here for the Bangalore Lit Fest.

Stating that there is always a temptation to overuse technology, the veteran umpire cited the VAR system in football as an example. "They have put all the problems of refereeing from the ground into the video assistant referee (VAR) room. Now nobody is happy. So you have to be very careful about how you manage and implement technology," he said.


On the Karnataka Premier League (KPL) match-fixing row, Taufel said: "Handing out penalties will not solve the issue. We need to be proactive to stop bad things from happening. I had a conversation with Rahul Dravid and discussed the opportunities to make cricketers good citizens and how can we help them make better choices," he said.

"Education and intervention, regular reminders and a constant connect with one's culture and heritage are necessary, probably from nursery. When you represent your club or state or country you represent the values of those organizations. It is important is to constantly remind yourself why we do things. You have a tremendous history in your country where great people like Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa who have served the cause and served the country. Cause of cricket is to enjoy the game and to protect the history and culture by promoting it in a way that it becomes available for future generations," he said.

"In this particular area, parents, teachers, coaches are all part of the solution. We can lecture someone about the anti-corruption code but in crunch situations, they should automatically choose the right path," he added.


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