Fielder Turns Into 'Sherlock Holmes' As He Tries To Solve 'The Curious Case Of The Lost Ball' In Vizag



Author 2019-10-04 17:00:39

Day 2 of the first Test between India and South Africa saw a pretty funny incident and it provided a light moment in Vizag.

The Protean fielders could not find the ball after it had crossed the boundary rope until one of their fielders decided to turn into a detective.

It was Aiden Markram who played Sherlock Holmes and solved the 'curious case of the lost ball' after he located it by watching the giant screen which was showing a replay of the boundary..

Keshav Maharaj bowled a ball that went down the leg side for 4 byes. But the ball's final location after crossing the rope was difficult to determine.


People began to look everywhere until Markram realised it was stuck between two advertisement paddings.

He rushed to retrieve it and also had a good laugh in the process.


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