Ganguly's first interview: Here is what can change under Dada?

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Author 2019-10-31 14:51:47


As Sourav Ganguly entered the BCCI headquarters to file his nomination along with N Srinivasan, it marked the beginning of a new era in the history of Indian cricket. For the past three years, several political and legal turmoil were rampant in BCCI, possible solutions for which could not have been mastered. He readily puts his hope in putting up BCCI to its earlier position in respect to ICC.

This negotiation is essential according to him because of the massive popularity of the game in the international world. However, the situation had not been the same in the past few years, which Ganguly aims at achieving. Owing to the past incidents regarding betting in cricket, there was a long draw debate concerning who would chair the seat of president in BCCI. Sourav Ganguly's appointment as BCCI president instils the cricket lover as well as the top institution in Indian cricket with new rays of hope.

Sourav Ganguly compared the scenario at BCCI with that of emergency as the organizational members had very little or no say in the decision-making process and this continued for three years. Sourav Ganguly vouches to change this scenario. Former captain of India took the place of Brijesh Patel who was backed by N Srinivasan. The proposition remained uncontested because Ganguly had in his bag the records of 311 ODIs and 113. Irrespective of the political ploy that might have worked out in the background, it needs no further mention that Ganguly had been an experienced captain during his days as well as a capable administrator.

Sources say that Sourav Ganguly shoved aside the choices between the posts of IPL Governing Council and post of the president. Looking at the dramas surrounding it appears that initial attempts were being made to keep him away from the post of the president. The support moved on from the side of Patel to the side of Sourav Ganguly, as N Srinivasan who formerly backed Patel accompanied Ganguly both when he headed to BCCI headquarters to file his nomination and when he addressed the press. However, sudden changes in Indian cricket scenario brings up the crude play of politics in Indian cricket world as well as in national level. With his appointment as the BCCI president a new debate that came involved another former cricketer of India, M. s. Dhoni. Rumors assert that Dhoni's future is in uncertainty bringing back in people's mind the rumours and stories of rivalry between Sourav and Dhoni. Now time will prove whether Ganguly will succumb to personal rivalry and give it more importance over professional duties.

47 years old veteran cricketer, captain and administrator commented that Indian cricket is financially powered because of its massive popularity and potentiality and thus makes his job even more challenging. In an interview, he even commented that BCCI should work in consensus with ICC. While commenting on the relationship between ICC and BCCI he mentions that he vouches to bring back BCCI to its former position in ICC. Involvement of BCCI is crucial in respect of ICC, not only because it is major funds generator but it also considers the popularity of the game and functions towards enhancing it. Ganguly further mentions that he hopes to bring back BCCI to its former state of glory.

From a position where he has been appointed, it is imperative that clashes of interests will be a common ground where the regulations will be functioning and implementation will be taking place. Sourav Ganguly emphasizes the importance of theses conflicts when it comes to the involvement of experienced players and BCCI. These players need to be provided with certain autonomy so that they can function better and in an effective way. Sourav urges that conflicts of interests should not be completely removed from the scenario but catered in a careful way.

He also suggests that first-class cricket needs to be taken care off. Ganguly gave priority to first-class cricket and seeks to resolve the conflicts at BCCI.

Ganguly said that it was a journey for him from cricketer to the post of administrator and he hopes to enrich his position of responsibility with his experiences. Most of the crickets are not coming to the administrative field which should not be the case according to him. Keeping aside the political controversies regarding the involvement of ruling political parties, looking at it at the respect of West Bengal's state politics and the turmoil it can be expected that former captain of India would work towards the betterment of Indian cricket.


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