Gautam Gambhir: 'I Don't Think A Match Should Take Place'



Author 2019-11-01 05:24:00


BJP leader and ex-cricketer Gautam Gambhir has said the test match between India and Bangladesh that is scheduled for November 3 should not take place, owing to an alarming rate of Air pollution in the state. The BJP MLA said no sporting event is as important as the people of Delhi.

'I don't think a match should take place'

"No match or no sporting event is more important than the people of Delhi, I don't think a match should take place until the situation gets better. Because the biggest issue for the people of Delhi is its Pollution. People need to breathe clean air here," he said.

He also attacked the Arvind Kejriwal Government and alleged not enough has been done to curb pollution levels in Delhi. "I have challenged the CM that prove the things you have done to curb pollution because I don't think he has taken any steps to curb pollution other than advertising it," he said.

On Wednesday, the ex-cricketer had said the people of Delhi should be more concerned about the Pollution levels rather than a cricket match. "Not only athletes, but it's also for the common man of Delhi. A match is a very small thing, I think we can say ok whether we want to shift the match or not," he added.

Saurav Ganguly says match will go-ahead

The first T20 match between India and Bangladesh is scheduled to be played at Arun Jaitley stadium in New Delhi, on November 3. However, rising pollution levels got people concerned. Environmentalists had also written to Ganguly asking him to think about a change of venue so that the players would not be exposed to the hazardous air during the game. "On the 3rd of November India is scheduled to play against Bangladesh in a T20 match at Feroz Shah Kotla at a time when pollution levels are expected to be between severe to hazardous," activists Jyoti Pande and Ravina Raj Kohli, wrote in an open letter. However, BCCI President Saurav Ganguly on Thursday said the match will go-ahead as schedule.


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