Here's what happened with Sachin Tendulkar during first selection trials

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26 Oct 2019

The world knows how brilliant was Sachin Tendulkar for the sport of cricket, as his records speak for himself.

He was born to become a great cricketer and it was evident during his initial days when he was a teenager.

However, little does anyone remember what happened during the opening selection trial for the Master Blaster, as he revealed the same.

Tendulkar says he was not selected during his first trials

No selection

Tendulkar said that his dream to play for India began when he was 11 years old.

However, things did not go well during his first trial, as he wasn't selected.

"I even remember when I went for my first selection trails, I was not selected by the selectors. They had said that he will need to work hard and improve his game," he said.

Tendulkar believes there's no shortcut to realize your dreams


"At that time, I was disappointed because I thought I had batted well, but the result was not as per expectation and I was not selected. But after that, my focus, commitment, and capacity to work hard increased further," added Tendulkar.


Tendulkar credits family for their immense role in his success

Family first

Tendulkar further credited his family for their undying support, which helped him become what he is today.

He thanked his parents, and his brothers Ajit and Nitin, for their abiding support throughout his career.

"My elder sister, who now resides in Pune after marriage, she supported me. In fact, my sister had presented the first cricket bat to me in my life," he continued.

Tendulkar also thanks his relatives and in-laws for their support


"After marriage (wife) Anjali and (kids) Sara and Arjun and Anjali's parents supported me. My uncle and aunt, many people were there. And of course, last but no the least, (Ramakant) Achrekar Sir," he concluded, while speaking with students of Late Laxmanrao Dure school, Maharashtra.

Some unbreakable records held by Tendulkar in international cricket

Tendulkar's record

Following are some of the unbreakable records held by Tendulkar in international cricket:

He has scored the most runs in international cricket, of 34,357.

He is the only player to have scored 100 centuries across formats.

He has played the most number of matches (664).

He has hit the most number of fours (4,076) across formats.


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