How Shakib Al Hasan Can Avoid The Second Year of His ICC Ban

The Quint

The Quint

Author 2019-10-30 09:29:45


The International Cricket Council said Shakib admitted to three charges of failing to disclose full details of approaches by a bookie and thus handed him the sanction of two years, one of which is a suspended sentence.

The ICC said Shakib could avoid the second year if he doesn't commit any further offence before he is free to resume international cricket from Oct. 29, 2020. That date rules him out of the T20 World Cup, which starts on Oct. 18 in Australia.

In the official verdict document the ICC stated as below:

In order to avoid the twelve (12) month suspended part of the sanction coming into effect, Mr Al Hasan must comply, in full, with the following conditions during the period of the initial 12-month period of suspension:

  • 28.1. He must not commit any offence under the Code (or the anti-corruption rules of any National Cricket Federation) during the initial period of suspension.
  • 28.2. He must participate promptly and fully in any anti-corruption education and/or rehabilitation programmes as specified by the ICC.

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