I Profusely Apologise To Anushka, Criticised Only Selectors: Farokh



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Apologising profusely to Anushka Sharma, former India player Farokh Engineer said his comments were directed against the Indian selectors who had gone beyond their dignity to serve tea & coffee to Indian captain's wife.

"Yes, this incident had indeed happened. But I am not criticizing Anushka. She is such a lovely and charming lady. A wonderful human being. She and Virat Kohli are role models. I am not her detractor at all. If she has felt offended I apologize to her. I am so sorry if she felt bad. My ire was only against the selectors whom I found probably not doing their job. Nothing against Anushka or Virat," Farokh Engineer told Republic TV in an exclusive telephonic interview on Thursday.

Engineer narrates the entire incident

Narrating the incident he had referred to, Engineer said he did not remember the time when it happened but the incident did take place. Probably Anushka would not be knowing who was serving what to her but the selectors should not have gone beyond their briefs. "It's not like Anushka had asked them to do it. I know them very well. They are such lovely persons. But can't say so about the selectors." Earlier in the day, Engineer had called the selection committee a "Mickey Mouse selection committee" with no appropriate qualification for the job. "We have got a Mickey Mouse selection committee. Virat Kohli has a major impact (in the process) which is very good. But how are the selectors qualified? Between them, have they played about 10-12 Test matches."

'Selectors had served tea to Anushka': Engineer

He had also said that Virat Kohli not only has a "major impact" on the selection process for the Indian team but also holds influence over the Indian selectors. Engineer had said he saw them (selectors) "getting Anushka Sharma cups of tea" during a 2019 World Cup match in the UK. "I didn't even know one of the selectors during the World Cup and I asked him who the hell he was because he was wearing the India blazer and he said he was one of the selectors. All they were doing was getting Anushka Sharma (Kohli's wife) cups of tea."

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