ICC change boundary count back rule that handed England World Cup win with super overs to now be repeated

The Independent

The Independent

Author 2019-10-15 02:39:49

The ICC has changed the boundary count back rule that saw England win the Cricket World Cup.

After New Zealand and England both scored 15 in the super over after the game ended in a tie, England won having hit more boundaries in the game.

But the ICC has now abolished the rule in their events, with the super over instead to be repeated until there is a winner if a similar situation arises.

Group games will henceforth have a super over, too.

However, they will conclude after one extra over, with the match to be ruled a tie if both sides score an equal amount of runs in the extra over.

The nature of England’s victory has been heavily criticised since the World Cup.

The super over itself was introduced at international one-day level for the 2011 Cricket World Cup in India.

But not until this summer’s final had an ODI been decided by a super over.

And the ICC maintains that it is “an exciting and engaging conclusion to the game”.


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