India hit 'double century' in ICC Test Championship, became the first team to do so

Raj News Express

Raj News Express

Author 2019-10-14 00:23:49

A three-match series is being played between hosts India and South Africa. The Indian team has won the first two matches of the series. This gave him a total of 80 marks. India had earlier scored 120 points after winning the series from the West Indies. In this way, he has got a total of 200 marks.

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A total of nine teams are participating in the ICC Test Championship. India has played four matches in this championship so far and has won only four.Opening of account is left in the table. He has lost both his matches in the championship.

Australia and England have played the most matches in the ICC Test Championship. Both these teams have played five Test matches. After this, India has played four matches. South Africa, New Zealand, Sri Lanka and West Indies have played two matches each. Pakistan and Bangladesh are yet to play their first match in the championship.

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Australia and England, despite playing the most matches in the Test Championship, are also not in the top-3 in the championship's point table. India is at the first place in the points table with 200 points. New Zealand and Sri Lanka are second and third respectively with 60 points each. They are followed by Australia (56) and England (56). South Africa and West Indies have not got a single point yet.


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