India still leading: How does the World Test Championship points table read after drawn Ashes series

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Author 2019-09-16 13:56:37


England’s victory at The Oval has helped them draw level with Tim Paine’s Australia in the ICC World Test Championship at the end of their drawn Ashes series. At the end of this closely fought series, both sides are now locked on 56 points on the points table led by India, the only team so far to achieve the maximum 120 points available in a series.

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Sri Lanka and New Zealand are the next two teams on the table with 60 points each.

How does the points system work?


Points in the WTC are evenly distributed over the number of matches in a series (two to five), the points varying from 60 for each match of a two-Test series to 24 for each match of a five-Test series, like in The Ashes. England and Australia won 48 points for winning two matches each and each eight for the second Test since a draw gives teams one-thirds of the points at stake in a match.

Matches in series (2) - Win/Tie/Draw - 60/30/20

Matches in series (3) - Win/Tie/Draw - 40/20/13

Matches in series (4) - Win/Tie/Draw - 30/15/10

Matches in series (5) - Win/Tie/Draw - 24/12/8

When the league ends, the top top two teams standing will progress to the final clash which will be played in June 2021.

“There’s some mixed emotions,” Australian captain Tim Paine told Sky Sports after the match ended at the Oval. “But I think from where this group has come from, to come to England and retain the Ashes is still a huge deal. It hasn’t been done for 20 years, so we’ve got a lot to be proud of.

“I think we’ve got some improvement, some learning to do, and that’s a great thing for us.”


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