India vs South Africa: See, what was the South African captain doing before Mohali T20?



Author 2019-09-18 10:13:18

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New Delhi A three-match T20 series is being played between India and South Africa. The first match of the series between the two countries was to be played at Dharamshala but due to rain it had to be canceled. Now the second match of the series is to be played in Mohali. On Wednesday, both teams will face off at IS Bindra PCA Stadium.

The command of South Africa T20 team that came to India is given in the hands of wicketkeeper batsman Quinton de Kock. De Kock is quite happy with the captaincy of the team and sees it as an additional responsibility. Before the second T20 in Mohali, the captain was seen doing something during practice which exposed his simple personality to everyone.

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Raised your chair before practice

South African captain D Cock practiced batting and wicketkeeping fiercely before the match. During this time in Mohali, De Kock was seen lifting his chair himself and walking. Actually he wanted to have some discussion with Inok Enquay, the team director who was made the interim coach. When no staff was there, he lifted the chair himself and started walking. He went ahead before anyone came there to help him.

De Kock first raised the chair on his head and walked a few steps but when he started feeling uncomfortable, he then held it in front of him with both hands. He was also seen escaping from the sunlight, raised on his head.

David Miller tied a towel to his head in Dharamshala

By the way, if Captain D Cock was seen lifting the chair in Mohali, then batsman David Miller in Dharamshala was also seen doing something strange. Miller arrived to practice with a towel tied over his head. Miller came just as a woman tied a towel over her head to dry her hair.


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